Nursing scholarships for 2022

Nursing which involves taking care of a sick patient is a highly regarded course in the medical field. Majority in the field are interested in this training process because of their zeal and enthusiasm for humanity.

It is knowledgeable that many establishments and foundations have set up panels for Nursing Scholarships propelling so many others to consider the prestigious profession. Some of the scholarship schemes are Nursing Scholarships 2022 for International Students in the USA, Nursing Scholarships 2022 for international students in the UK, Nursing Scholarships 2022 for international students in Canada and many more Nursing Scholarships too numerous to mention.

Here is our list of the best Nursing Scholarships for 2022:


  1. APSU Financial Aid Office:

The Financial Aid Office is an organization that guides students through their nursing education fees. They suggest various ways through which students can provide their tuition fees and other academic expenses.

The Financial Aid Office have aid options like; get help completing the FAFSA, get advice on borrowing, learn about campus-related aid programs, and also know the date when the student aid will end.


  1. Best Nursing

The Best Nursing is a nursing scholarship made available for BSN or MSN students. It awards $1,000.


  1. American Assembly for Men in Nursing Foundation:

The American Assembly for Men in Nursing Foundation is a Nursing Scholarship for male students who wish to obtain undergraduate and graduate nursing degrees. It is strictly for male students and it’s a five student scholarship.


  1. American Indian Graduate Centre (AIGC):

The American Indian Graduate Center is a Nursing Scholarship that provides scholarship opportunities for qualified American Indian and Alaskan Indigenes.


  1. American Red Cross:

The American Red Cross is a Nursing Scholarship that grants the Hand Delano Student Nurse Scholarship to graduate and undergraduate nursing students who are participants of the American Red Cross Unit.


  1. com: is a Nursing Scholarship website for nurses from student nurses up to CNO’s. They award $5,000 Schooling Scholarship. To be eligible, you must be a full-time or part-time student in a registered nursing school and in a professional registered nurse program like; graduate, associate degree or diploma, baccalaureate etc, or work either full-time or part-time as a registered nurse, nurse practitioner, LPN or Nurse leader/ Administrator at a U. S. organization.


  1. com: awards scholarships to incapacitated graduate and undergraduate nursing students.


  1. Indian Health Service (IHS):

Health Service is a nursing scholarship that awards American Indian and Alaskan Indigenes nursing profession graduate and undergraduate students’ scholarship.


  1. National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN):

The National Association of Hispanic Nurses awards participants registered in licensed graduate and undergraduate nursing programs schoarships as regards their show of professional assistance and value to the nursing profession and can be models to young aspiring students.


  1. NURSE Corps scholarship Program (NCSP):

The Nurse Corps Scholarship Program is a Nursing Scholarship 2022 which assist students complete their nursing profession by awarding tuition fees, schooling expenses and monthly living allowance.

Nurse Corps Scholarship Program accepts full-time nursing students who are enrolled in baccalaureate, diploma, associate or graduate nursing programs at licenced institutions in the U.S. During graduation, scholarship program members give a service commitment at a Critical Shortage Facility.


  1. Nursing

Nursing is a website that awards scholarship and financial aid resources to students who which to pursue a degree or career in the nursing profession.


  1. Sunshine Behavioural Health Opioid Awareness Scholarship:

The Sunshine Behavioural Health Scholarship is a Nursing Schoarship 2022 for international students in the USA, The scholarship awards $500 to merited students.


  1. The friends of Mary Seacole funding for international students 2022-2023:

The Friends of Mary Seacole scholarship scheme is a Nursing Schoarship for International Students in UK. The allocated grant attracts applicants from the United Kingdom, European Union and international applicants for pursuing an undergraduate and postgraduate degree program.


  1. SGS Dean’s funding for International Students in Canada 2022-2023:

The SGS Dean’s Schoarship in Canada is among the best Nursing Scholarship opportunities provided for international students. Opportunities are granted to intelligent students who wish to obtain a degree in nursing in Canada, and also those looking for masters in Nursing Schoarship for international students. This Schoarship scheme is fully provided with the sponsor University which is the University of. Lethbridge in Canada.


  1. ECU Nursing & midwifery Ph.D. Positions for international students in Australia: This is a nursing scholarship for brilliant aspirants from Australia and aspirants from all over the world to register for the ECU Nursing and Midwifery PhD office in Australia.

The ECU Nursing Scholarship for international students in Australia is created by Edith Cowan University. It is also one of the most searched nursing Schoarship 2022, it funds the students through the PhD level.


  1. William K. Schubert Minority Nursing funding for international students in the USA:

William K Schubert is a Nursing Schoarship is for international students who resides in USA. This opportunity is open to students willing to study nursing.


  1. MPOWER Nursing Program for International Students, 2022:

MPOWER Nursing program is a great Nursing Schoarship for international students in USA. Students will be delighted knowing about the MPOWER Nursing program that is provided by MPOWER Financing Company. The scheme is set up to help 25 of the top nursing institutions in the US and for brilliant and skillful international citizens.


  1. Western Sydney International Undergraduate Financial Aid In Australia:

The Western Sydney international undergraduate financial aid nursing scholarship is from Western Sydney University, which is approving applications for international undergraduate financial aid and grants $7, 500 multi-year awards and also some of $5, 000 awards. Freshmen International students pursuing undergraduate degree programs in the initial period at WSU are qualified to be candidates of this Nursing Schoarship Program.

  1. University of Dundee Global Excellence Scholarships in UK, 2022:

The Global Excellence Scholarship is funded by the University of Dundee. It is a nursing scholarship where students are opportuned to win £25,000 all through five years in course of obtaining their undergraduate degree program. This nursing scholarship is made available for students from the United Kingdom, European Union, and other countries of the world.


  1. Tennessee Graduate Nursing Loan Forgiveness Program:

This is created to support Tennessee resident’s graduate or postgraduate students that are licensed nurses to become tutors and administrators in the Tennessee nursing education programs.

  1. Federal HRSA scholarship and Loan Repayment Programs:

This scholarship scheme grants funds to pay for student’s education expenses. They award tuition fees, living expenses and help students register in an accredited nursing program. The loan repayment programs make funds available to full-time employed graduates facing financial challenging needs, the program makes them eligible for educational loans.

  1. S. Public Health Services SRCOSTEP:

The U.S. Public Health Services gives assistance to chosen candidates in the final year of full-time academic study in return for service for the guarantor’s agency as a Commissioned Corps Officer after graduation. The work duty will be equivalent to twice the time sponsored, this implies for 10 months of financial assistance, a SRCOSTEP member will give in to 20 months of employment with the foundation that gave the assistance.


  1. com: is a nursing scholarship that awards $2,000 scholarship to developing nurses to help assist their graduate college degree.

  1. MinuteClinic:

The MinuteClinic is a nursing scholarship that grants about 40 nurse practitioners’ scholarships of $2,500 each, and about 20 Doctors of nursing practice schoarships the same amount of $2,500 each.

  1. National Health Service Corps:

This provides a scholarship program for Nurse Practitioner Students, including post graduate with clinical practice attention in a qualified U.S. institution. It is a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


  1. Nurse Practitioner Health Association:

The Nurse Practitioner Health Association provides various scholarship schemes, ranging from $1,000 to $4,000 to students who are participants of the Nurse Practitioner graduate programs for fantastic research, leadership and academic achievements.



There are various nursing scholarship platforms with great offers, funded by individuals, organizations and foundations. Eligibility differs from one nursing scholarship to the other, while some ask for membership of a specific organization, male candidates only, the disabled etc, although they must all be health Practitioners. Also, some of these organization offer loan assistance in return for service. Students should go through the list and pick a particular scholarship that best suits them.

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