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Fastweb is known as one of the best search websites for quick and reliable scholarship opportunities. It has been in existence since 1995, with so many years of experience, Fastweb pride itself as being the number one guarantee college scholarship website.

Due to its years of experience, Fastweb is well respected and has been able to adapt to changes in times. Fastweb’s data capacity contains over 1 million scholarship schemes, worth more than $3 billion, which includes recent and updated scholarship scheme.

Fastweb has a strict vetting process that all its scholarship scheme must go through. Fastweb team of researcher are always at alert looking out for recent and reliable scholarship opportunities, and also pay keen attention to avoid fraudulent activities.

Just like other scholarship platforms, Fastweb allows students to create a profile in the web which will contain the student’s data. Fastweb brings to it platform various scholarship opportunities which is open for students of all levels (High school students, current undergraduates, current graduate students, prospective college students and those in the midst of their university education).

Students who supply detailed information’s like, employment history, skills, test grades etc., in their profile gives them the opportunity to fit them into matching scholarships. It is also of importance to note that Fastweb database entails part-time jobs, internships, links to available list of scholarship for students, bilingual students, college freshmen, veterans and others too numerous to mention.

Notwithstanding, Fastweb was founded in 1995, but it’s still valuable till date. Applicants get registered through a streamlined procedure, also it allows students to decide the minimum or maximum notification they will be getting. Also, the Fastweb platform allows students determine how they want to be notified via email about upcoming scholarship deadlines, part-time jobs and internship, new scholarship opportunities.

Relentless effort is been made by Fastweb to ensuring that students don’t get unnecessary Ads when undergoing registration. Students can as well opt out of getting mail from internships, loan providers, University and college. Fastweb also provides special offers from its partners to students whenever they login to the site together with some ads from other companies that have purchased advertising space on fastweb. However, students can skip through those special offers and ads.

Most Ads are attached to the list of scholarships. Even though, applicants may see it as a distraction or an invasion of privacy, but Fastweb try as much as possible to ensure that ads are related to the personal information provided in one’s Fastweb profile.

Fastweb provides many list of excellent scholarship which don’t appear to have any unique funding technique which could be found anywhere. To add to this, scholarship matches can be related interns of deadlines, college, major and amount of funding, Fastweb adds to its list of scholarship some other internship, fellowships and volunteer opportunities..

The Fastweb profile created by students won’t be used for the registration of scholarships, but will enable students get notification of matching scholarships. This is because students will also follow the links of other scholarship platforms, get to the scholarship website and as well provide a detailed information on their database, completing every necessary requirement. It should be known to students that their profile in the Fastweb website will not be noticed by the scholarship schemes which they wish to apply for, so they should endeavor to follow the scholarship link and provide all necessary requirements in the scholarship website.

Below the scholarship tab at the top page, candidates will notice specific links for scholarship categories;

  • Featured
  • Women
  • Weird
  • African-American
  • Grad Students
  • 2014

The Scholarship page displayed shows a brief list of scholarships with a link to the grant amount, the sponsor, and an APPLY NOW button. The displayed scholarship is organized by other scholarship search sites, most likely, this while propel the student to apply with their site before getting information about their scholarship.

Students should know that scholarship articles with a brief summary on the scholarship tips page do not have other scholarship category listings, while some are repeated links send somewhere in the site, some are recently created links. A candidate must create a student’s profile so that they can be notified when there is any scholarship information.

Bellow Scholarship Directory in the links menu at the bottom of each page, you’ll find links such as;

  • Scholarships by Year of Study
  • Scholarships for High School Seniors
  • Scholarships for College Freshmen
  • Scholarships for Veterans
  • Scholarships for Bilingual Students
  • Hispanic Scholarships
  • African-American Scholarships

The above-mentioned menu leads students to pages in these categories that list scholarships with the grant given and deadline. To know the scholarship eligibility and registration requirement and procedure, the student should click on the name of the scholarship, it will lead to a page with a short paragraph discussing the requirements.

Fastweb is a fantastic search engine which has numerous scholarships that one can decide to explore. Nevertheless, if a student does not create a profile that will serve as the students database, such students will be left do more personal research on scholarship information or activate a Google Alert.

The Fastweb website allows students provide all necessary information about their academic performance and personal data that will be up to three pages. Thereafter, the student gets a list of matching scholarships considering the information provided in the student’s profile.

Choose a scholarship link, click on the link, it will open the scholarship page with grant amount, qualifications, eligibility, deadline, and a link to the organization’s website. To access the scholarship application website, the student should click on the APPLY NOW button.

Students are advised to have a different email account that will be used for scholarship notifications because Fastweb will flood them with email whenever necessary. It might even be daily.

The Fastweb searching process by the student profile provides scholarship feedbacks that might not be easily gotten through normal research. Imagine getting 23 list of matching scholarships as an outcome of your student profile.

Registered students should show if they are willing, might, have applied, not qualified or not willing to apply for every of the listed scholarships.

Students should endeavor to give much detailed information of their academic performance and personal life because the more data you provide, the more scholarship list you get to choose from the Fastweb scholarship site.



The Fastweb Scholarship website has many important and valuable information on various scholarship schemes, this will be achieved by signing up, creating a student’s profile, giving in your time and providing all personal information required. It is a great site where students are given the privilege to choose from various scholarship opportunities.

The Fastweb brings all necessary information to the students, there is no need scouting for information which might not be real. All necessary information is sent directly to the students email address.

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