Inside Pete PREMIUM ipa

Inside Pete PREMIUM ipa

Inside Pete PREMIUM ipa is a strategy game from Sector 32. You really can polish a turd. Meet Pete, a confused, burnt-out, middle-aged man beyond help. Get inside of Pete and clean him up, because nobody else wants to do it. Conquer a colourful range of organisms in this strategic game with real-time action. Find a balance between building units, battle tactics and resource management. Grow your own power-ups, exchange gathered DNA for upgrades, LOTS of upgrades, and use Doc’s tips and tricks to your advantage. But mostly, crush, kill and destroy with your army of clones.

Inside Pete PREMIUM ipa Features

– Unique gameplay
– Action packed
– Nice gaming graphics and sounds
– and lots more

Inside Pete PREMIUM ipaInside Pete PREMIUM ipaInside Pete PREMIUM ipaInside Pete PREMIUM ipa

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Game information
Genre: Strategy
Offered by: Sector 32 BVBA
Size: 51Mb
System requirements: iOS 8.1 or later. [Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch]
Current Version: v1.0.6
Updated on: 26/02/2018
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