Best Scholarships in Alabama 2022

Education is a very strong foundation one can hold on to as a guide through various sphere of live. Knowing the worth of acquiring a degree, many people do their best possible to obtain a degree in at least a field of study.

Scholarship schemes are set for the purpose to encourage bright students to earn a degree even without being financially capable. Scholarship schemes differ from one to another across the world, nevertheless candidates or applicants will always seek for the best funded scholarship schemes.

Here is our exclusive list of the Best Scholarships in Alabama: Reading through will bring you options on best funded scholarships in Alabama available for you.

  1. ACHE Police Officers and Firefighters Survivors Education Assistance Program

The ACHE Police Officers and Firefighters Survivors Education Assistance Program awards scholarships to close relations of Alabama police officers and firefighters who lost their lives in service.

Qualified applicants are offered the opportunity to any undergraduate study at Alabama Institutes of higher education, and there is no restrictions as regards the amount that can be awarded.

This is one of the best scholarship schemes in Alabama and to be a partaker, one must identify oneself as a close relative of the deceased, this will be ascertained by having a copy of a birth certificate, adoption papers or marriage license (for spouse) and a death certificate of the deceased police officer or firefighter.

  1. AHB Foundation Scholarship

The Alabama Home Builders Association is among the best scholarship schemes in Alabama that awards scholarships to qualified students whose pursuit is to have a career in the residential building trade.

Candidates of the Alabama Home Builders Association scholarship scheme must be a member of a technical school, junior college or university in Alabama. An applicant must be living within Alabama. Candidates must also be registered in a residential construction-related courses that will include the following;

  • Building Science
  • Carpentry or Cabinetry
  • Civil Engineering
  • Drafting and Design
  • Electrical Technology
  • Landscaping
  • Masonry
  • Plumbing
  • Sustainable Construction


  1. Alabama Environmental Health Association Inc.

The Alabama Environmental Health Association provides scholarship awards to undergraduate Students of Environmental Health or any other related field (Junior and Senior students. Inclusively).

Interested applicants are expected to submit an application form, A resume, a letter of recommendation from a noble and well recognized individual, an unofficial transcript and a written statement (not less than 300 words) which will contain the reason why they are interested in undergoing their degree of choice.

The selection will be done based on the student’s coursework in Environmental health, and some other level of involvement / achievement which are directly related to Environmental health.


  1. Alabama Society of CPAs – General Scholarship

The Alabama Society of CPAs awards 23 scholarship opportunities worth $2,500 each to outstanding students of Alabama who seeks qualification as a Certified Public Accountant in Alabama after graduation.

Candidates of CPAs must have a 3.0 GPA in all accounting subjects and a 3.0 GPA in total after concluding Financial/Intermediate Accounting I and II. Student applicants must choose to concentrate on accounting, and must have a year remaining for schooling.

Also, to qualify in the CPAs scholarships that is among the best in Alabama, applicants are required to provide an essay of not more than 25 words, noting the importance of the scholarship scheme, a digital passport should be attached that can feature in the Alabama CPA magazine. There is also a requirement for an official transcript from the candidates University.

  1. AQHA Swayze Woodruff Memorial Mid-South Scholarship

The AQHA Swayze Woodruff Memorial Mid-South Scholarship emphasizes the value of youth affiliate ambassadors in the horse industry. Candidates must have been a part of AQHA or AQHYA for a minimum of one year and also must living in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi or Tennessee. Recipients must finish in AQHA-confirmed shows and will be applied for in their senior year of high school.

To be awarded the AQAH best scholarships in Alabama, applicants must have at least a 2.5 GPA and also already awarded scholarship students are not permitted to register.

  1. ARRL Charles Clarke Cordle Memorial Scholarship

The ARRL Charles Clarke Cordle Memorial Scholarship is open to residents of Georgia and Alabama, who have an active Amateur Radio License Class with a minimum of 2.5 GPA. The candidate must concentrate on electronics, communications or similar fields of study. Applicants should also be a member of an institute of higher education in either Georgia or Alabama. Candidates are awarded $1,000 yearly and registration is online.

  1. ARRL James Cothran KD3NI Scholarship

The James Cothran, 3D3NI scholarship provides scholarship for candidates who are residents of the Southeastern Division of the ARRL Foundation. The Southeastern Division involves Alabama, Florida and Georgia. Candidates must have a valid Amateur Radio License Class, are are free to decide any field of study and in any chosen college or University. The ARRL scholarship chose a candidate annually and they are awarded $2,000.

  1. ASTA Southeast Chapter Professional Development Scholarship

Another best scholarship in Alabama is awarded by Tourism Cares, which provides a $1,500 scholarship to residents of United States with at least a two years knowledge in the traveling sector and has completed an ASTA or Travel Institute Educational Program or for the participatory dues at the ASTA International Destination Expo. Applicants must reside in the ASTA Southeast Chapter which includes Alabama.

Candidates who will be awarded scholarship are those who are members of the ASTA Southeast Chapter. This scholarship is given in a compensation form and the course must not take more than 12 months to be completed before the registration deadline.

  1. AWS Airgas Jerry Baker Scholarship

The Airgas Jerry Baker Scholarship gives a $2,500 fund to undergraduate student undergoing a four-year degree in welding engineering or technology who wish to join the field of industrial gas or welding equipment distribution.

Candidates must have a minimum of 2.8 CGPA and also a 3.0 GPA in engineering courses, and applicants should not be less than 18 years old and with a high school diploma. Airgas best scholarship scheme give funds to candidates who seek for financial aid and live or school in Alabama, Florida or Georgia. Airgas scholarship fund is replaced for about four years.

  1. 10. Birdsong Peanuts Scholarship

Birdsong Peanuts Scholarship is one of the best scholarships in Alabama which awards students who wish to obtain a four-year degree in agriculture or agribusiness scholarship. Candidates must be residents of Alabama, Florida or Georgia, also relatives of participants must be peanut producers. The scholarship is awarded on merit grounds, it is a $1,000 non-renewable fund.

  1. 11. Bush Memorial Scholarship

The Bush Memorial Scholarship is also among the best scholarship schemes in Alabama, this scheme is granted to in to indigenes of Alabama who are full-time students. The native of Alabama students must have acquired a four-year degree in mathematics. Students who wish to apply for the scholarship must be a member of Jacksonville State University to become candidates for the Bush Memorial Scholarship.

The Bush Memorial Scholarship was set up in remembrance of Newburn Bush, a mathematics teacher in the University.

  1. 1Cabaniss, Johnston Scholarship

The Cabaniss, Johnston Scholarship is awarded to merited second-year law students who show distinguished performance in their academics, the law students are awarded $5,000. Other criteria for the scholarship includes; civic involvement, reliability, conscientiousness, financial need and dedication to high standards. An applicant will get the necessary requirements from the Alabama Law Foundation.

  1. 1 CollegeCounts Scholarship Program

Another best scholarship scheme in Alabama is the CollegeCounts Scholarship, it awards funding assistance to students in Alabama high school who can show their financial needs and also wish to apply in an Alabama college or university. Applicants must live in Alabama, have a minimum of 2.75 GPA, be a high school senior that will be a freshman in college, and also be a citizen of the United States. The CollegeCounts Scholarship award is $4,000 which will not be renewed.

  1. 1David Womack Memorial Alabama LGBT Scholarship

The LGBT scholarship fund is for lesbian or gay undergraduate student who are indigenes of Alabama and wish to acquire a degree in any Institute of higher learning the United States. A requirement for the LGBT scholarship is an essay of at most five pages that explains the candidates background, education, future goals and reasons why the scholarship should be awarded to the student. The registration is completed online, printed and mailed.


There are so many great scholarships in Alabama that awards students, indigenes or a particular group of people that are resident in Alabama scholarships, although the scholarship grants and requirements differ from another, they are encouraging schemes that encourage academic learning in Alabama.

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