15 Great Scholarships for First-Generation College Students

Scholarships for first-generation college students is a great scheme with the aim of encouraging students to acquire their desired degrees, although these great schemes might have different qualification, requirement and eligibility status, their main purpose is to fund potential students interested in a course degree and make them achieve their goals.

Below are List of Available Scholarships for First-Generation College Students

  1. TELACU College Success Program

Qualifications includes;

– 2.5 GPA

– Incoming freshman

– First-generation college student

– Enrolled full-time

  1. Talent Incentive Program Grants

Qualifications Includes;

– Incoming freshmen

– Must attend a Wisconsin university

– Must demonstrate both financial need and disadvantaged circumstances.

TheTalent Incentive Program Grants are provided for students not financially buoyant in Winconsin. They provide grants of $600 to $1,800 per year which will be reimbursed for 10 semesters. To obtain the TIP Grants, one must be facing financial challenges, hardship and difficult circumstances.

The TIP Grant Scholarship is not for only first-generation college students but for those who cannot provide financially. The TIP Grant is funded by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

  1. Smith Scholarship Foundation

Qualifications Includes;

– High school senior

– “C” average or higher

– Must be an Alabama resident heading to an Alabama university.

The Smith Scholarship Foundation is made available by the estate of the late heiress of Avondale Mills. The scholarship is granted to high school seniors in Alabama who wish to obtain a degree in any Alabama University. Candidates must fill the application form, have three recommendation letters from either parents, teachers, guidance,coaches or community leaders. The scholarship has restrictions as regards credits and working hours, and the scholarship can be renewed.


  1. IFSA First Generation College Student Scholarship

Qualifications Includes;

– First-generation college student.

The IFSA scholarship is a great college scholarship granted by the Institute for Study Abroad, it’s purpose is to provide avenue that aids students travel the globe and study at international colleges. The Fist Generation College Student Scholarship is particularly for first-time students who cannot find schooling abroad alone.

The IFSA scholarship provides grants of $2,500, including traveling expenses, accommodation expenses, visa and passport registration. Candidates are required to provide a resume and an individual essay containing their vision, goals etc.

  1. VAMOS Scholarships

Qualifications Includes;

– Texas resident

– 2.5 GPA or ranking within the top 30 percent of the graduating class

– Enrolling as a full-time college student

– Meets all eligibility requirements for the Pell Grant

VAMOS Scholarships are awarded to Cameron and Texas community of Hidalgo high school students. The VAMOS Scholarship renew the grant of $5,000 once during the four years of schooling.

Eligible students and those having disturbing and challenging finances are given the opportunity to become beneficiaries of the VAMOS Scholarship. This scholarship scheme is not meant for only first-generation college students.

  1. First Generation Matching Grant Program

Qualifications Includes;

– Florida resident

– First-generation college student

– Degree-seeking undergraduate student

– Enrolled for at least six credit hours per term

The First Generation Matching Grant Program benefactors are The Florida Department of Education. The First Generation Matching Grant Program is a great first-generation college scholarship that allows college students and prospective college students to choose a desired course of study. This scholarship grant is only allocated to students whose parents never gained a degree from college.

  1. Cynthia E. Morgan Memorial Scholarship Fund

Qualifications Includes;

– Maryland resident

– Junior or senior in high school

– Planning to attend college in Maryland

– Planning to pursue a healthcare degree

– First-generation college student

The Cynthia E. Morgan Memorial Scholarship scheme is for high college students pursing any medical-inclined degree like medicine, medical laboratory, nursing, physiology, etc, in Maryland, and it awards students $1,000. Candidates for the Cynthia E. Morgan Memorial Great Scholarship scheme should be a first-generation college student who wish to study in the state of Maryland.

Future Nurses, pharmacists, laboratory scientists and doctors can benefit from this great scholarship for first-generation college students in Maryland.


  1. Buddy Pierce and Maggie P. Speight Scholarship Fund for the Arts

Qualifications Includes;

– “B” average

– Demonstrated financial need

– Pursuing a career in music or the arts

The Buddy Pierce and Maggie P. Speight Scholarship Fund for the Arts is a great scholarship for first-generation students who are not financially stable and are lovers of music and arts. Different amounts are given to candidates but outstanding students grant will be renewed.

The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee are administrators of the scholarship, and not only first-generation students are applicants. The great scholarship scheme is funded by music lovers in Nashville.


  1. Coca-Cola Scholars Scholarship

Qualifications Includes;

– 3.0 GPA

– Current high school senior

The Coca-Cola Scholars Scholarship is a great first-generation scholarship which grant students $20, 000 through the four years of schooling, this grant is awarded to students annually, which implies that $5, 000 will be granted annually through their four years. This great scholarship has requirements and qualifications to be looked out for or met by interested candidates.


  1. American Indian College Fund Full Circle Scholarship

Qualifications Includes;

– 2.0 GPA

– Enrolled in a non-profit university or tribal school

– Enrolled member of a recognized American Indian tribe

The Full Circle Scholarship is a great first-generation scholarship funded by the American Indian College Fund. This scholarship is for students who have an American Indian lineage and wish to obtain a full-time study at a tribal or college school.

The Full Circle Scholarship requirements are candidates or parents must be a registered participant of a federal recognized American Indian tribe, provide necessary documents with a transcript, digital photograph and a person essay. Applicants awarded scholarships can be reimbursed for four years throughout their schooling.

  1. Community Foundation of Shelby County Scholarships

Qualifications Includes;

-The student must either be a current or aspiring college student.

The best first-gen college student scholarship is available for all student with different skills and interest. And it is been recognized by the community Foundation of Shelby County.

They create dozens of scholarship opportunities within the range of $1,000 – $3,500. Most importantly, the Layton Family Foundation scholarship offers $1,000 grant to students who are privilege enough to be the first among their family members to go to college. There are also scholarship opportunities for veterans, valedictorians, athletes and community college students.


  1. Atkins Educational Foundation Pathway to Success Scholarship

Qualifications Includes;

– Eligible for FAFSA and FFAA

– Florida resident

– Female

– Applying to a Florida university

– First-generation college student

– Has applied for at least two other scholarships

Pathway to Success Scholarship sponsored by the Atkins Educational Foundation, is a great first-geberation scholarship scheme available specifically for Female high school students of any Florida University. It has no limitation to it’s application and applicants can come from any university in as much as they’re an in-state student.

The pathway to success scholarship however is not a full ride scholarship but a supplementary scholarship and one of it’s requirement for qualification is that  applicants must have applied for other scholarship opportunities as well.


  1. Fontana Transport Inc. Scholars Program

Qualifications Includes;

– 3.5 GPA

– High school senior

— Low-Income or underrepresented student

— Majoring in Math, science, Engineering, Transportation management or other selected disciplines.

The Fontana Transport a scholar’s program, which is sponsored by a trucking company in California, Application is open for students all over the world in as much as the applicant is a low income or first-gen student.

Applicants are expected to have a strong academic record with great intention to pursue a degree in transportation management. The scholarship is worth $5,000 (this amount is subjected to renewal).


  1. Red Thread Fellowship Program

Qualifications Includes;

– Female

– International or first-gen student

– Enrolling in a U.S. college

The Red Thread Fellowship Program awards international students like immigrants, foreign students and first-generation college students from lowly represented families. The great scholarship for first-generation college students awards $1, 000 scholarship fund to female students of an international background.

Qualified candidates will also be granted a one year mentorship for career guidance and networking opportunities from the foundation. Candidates are not chosen based on residence, but they have to be members of a U.S. University.

  1. Taigh Scholarship

Qualifications Includes;

– Vermont resident

– Demonstrates financial need

– Enrolling at least part-time in college


The Taigh Scholarship is a great scholarship for first-generation college students funded by the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation, the scholarship is available for only residents of Caledonia Country, Vermont. It is a great first-generation college students’ scholarship that awards $1, 000 one time payment.

The great scholarship scheme grants students who are not financially stable the opportunity to register in programs like FAFSA. The Taigh Scholarship allows college students choose a course of study, but classes will be half-time at minimum.



The above Great Scholarships for First-Generation College Students are really an opportunity to help interested applicants achieve their dream of education and help students who are not financially stable or as privileged.


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